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Highly customizable Hexo theme that sets your blog apart

Quick StartCustom Development

Easy to Use

ShokaX provides an installation CLI to simplify the setup process, ensuring that theme installation is no longer a stumbling block for new website owners.

Performance Improvement

ShokaX, through code and third-party resource optimization, reduces loading times by around 40% compared to Shoka.

Scalability & Customization Friendly

ShokaX solves upgrade issues post-theme customization via InjectAPI and introduces a community plugin system.


ShokaX leverages TypeScript for enhanced type hinting, along with comprehensive comments and development documentation.

Easy Migration

Migrating from Shoka to ShokaX is relatively straightforward, requiring modifications to a few configurations and a reinstallation of npm packages.

Rich Functionality

ShokaX offers out-of-the-box features like native PWA, multiple comment systems, and various widgets.