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ShokaX is a Hexo theme based on Shoka with high performance, more features and more modern code.

Why are we developing ShokaX?

Because Shokaopen in new window didn't have any commits since 2021 while no issues are replied and nobody fixes the bugs, ShokaX was founded.

At the same time,one of the former users of Shoka who is in our team founded some problems during he was using Shoka:

  • The built-in renderer of Shoka cannot process the code with ES6+.
  • The Javascript code of Shoka lacks comments, and difficult to understand.
  • Shoka is disconnected from reality (e.g., jsd access exceptions and Sina image issues).
  • Shoka is lack of docs while some of the features aren't have any guidelines of tips,which is ShokaX solving.
  • The community resources of Shoka is hard to use, some Pull Request for fixing the bugs aren't merged yet.

In order to fix those problems, ShokaX and its subprojects was founded on August 2022(production ready on March 2023), and applied ourselves to fix the problems that Shoka have now.