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Quick Start

About 2 min

Quick Start

Before You Begin


Due to time constraints within the development team, this document is bound to have many imperfections. In order to provide users with a good Blogging experience, if you already have some understanding of Hexo and ShokaX and are willing to help modify the document, we welcome you to initiate a Pull Request.

Before you start, you should have already installed the following software:

  • Node.js 18 or above
  • Latest version of hexo-cli

The current version of ShokaX-CLI does not handle the hexo environment. Please use hexo init on your own.

Theme Installation

Using ShokaX-CLI

Install ShokaX-CLI:

# hexo init
npm install shokax-cli --location=global
# cd your_blog
SXC install shokaX

Manual Installation


ShokaX does not recommend manual installation, and it should only be done when SXC cannot install properly.

Commands are as follows:

yarn add hexo-theme-shokax
yarn add hexo-renderer-multi-next-markdown-it
yarn add hexo-autoprefixer
yarn add hexo-algoliasearch
yarn add hexo-feed
yarn add esbuild
yarn add theme-shokax-pjax
yarn add theme-shokax-anime
yarn add lozad

Theme Configuration


Change the theme in the root directory /_config.yml to shokaX (SXC defaults to origin or npm installation modified to shokax)
Please note, this theme is shokax only when used on npm; otherwise, it's shokaX
For case-sensitive systems like Linux, the npm source theme must use shokax, simultaneously modifying the custom configuration file to _config.shokax.yml.


All configurations below are modified in the /_config.yml file.

Markdown configuration is as follows:

  render: # Renderer settings
    html: false # Filter HTML tags
    xhtmlOut: true # Use '/' to close single tags (e.g., <br />)
    breaks: true # Convert '\n' in paragraphs to <br>
    linkify: true # Automatically convert URL-like text to links
    quotes: "“”‘’"
  plugins: # markdown-it plugin settings
    - plugin:
        name: markdown-it-toc-and-anchor
        enable: true
        options: # Class names for article directory and anchors, required for shoka-based themes
          tocClassName: "toc"
          anchorClassName: "anchor"
    - plugin:
        name: markdown-it-multimd-table
        enable: true
          multiline: true
          rowspan: true
          headerless: true
    - plugin:
        name: ./markdown-it-furigana
        enable: true
          fallbackParens: "()"
    - plugin:
        name: ./markdown-it-spoiler
        enable: true
          title: "You know too much"

    - "*.min.css"

Disable default code highlighting (<= 6.3.0):

  enable: false

  enable: false

Disable default code highlighting (>= 7.0.0-rc1):

syntax_highlighter: false


In versions 0.2.5 and below, if you deploy the ShokaX website to a service supported by Cloudflare CDN, please disable rocket-loader. This conflicts with ShokaX's page.ts and causes the page to hang during loading.
This issue has been fixed in 0.2.6; you can enable the rocket-loader feature.

Now, ShokaX should be running smoothly; just use hexo s.