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This section provides the TypeScript API for ShokaX for reference. Below is the corresponding legend (glossary):

ExperimentalExperimental APIThis API is currently experimental and might be removed or changed in the future
In DevelopmentIn Development APIThis API will be available in a planned release but is not currently accessible at the time of this document update
Non-StandardNon-Standard APIThis API is not a standard interface in the ShokaX plan; it's supported by a third party
DeprecatedDeprecated APIThis API is deprecated and will be removed in a future version

Available partitions of ShokaX API:

NameMeaningAvailable Partitions
hexo scriptHexo-generated script APIsscripts directory and plugins
page tsFrontend TypeScript APIJS/TS after app.js injection
head apiBasic Frontend APIAny code running on the frontend
pluginPlugin and ShokaX Utils APIWithin plugin scripts